Blueberry Picking
We are a pick your own blueberry farm located at 144 Mansfield Rd in Harwinton CT.  We are 100% natural, just the sun, wind, rain and snow have fallen on our bushes.  We hand prune them and hand weed. You get to pick the fruits of our labor.  It doesn't get more natural then that!

We are a green farm and ask that you bring your own containers to the field to fill. Don't worry if you forget them we have some for you.

I think the most common question we get asked is, "When is blueberry season?"  It's right NOW Yay!

The general answer is July.  However the real answer is that it depends on the weather.  In 2012 we had an early season that started in mid June and we were done by the end of July.  This year we will have to wait and see.  This is why I suggest everyone who is interested in picking that you sign up for the blueberry email.  You will get emails regarding blueberries and that is it.  We don't sell our email lists or anything like that.

Sign up here: Blueberry email sign up

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